Organizers:Industry Association Of China Entertainment Equipment


Name:Industry Association Of China Entertainment Equipment,be called SCEE for short..


Nature:An industry and non-profit community groups,which are formed by the majority of enterprises in the field of entertainment in Guangdong voluntarily


Slogan:Independent, automate ,self-improve, and strive to build a global base of performing arts equipment industry in Guangdong


Purpose:Enhance the "Made in Guangdong" gold, and polish "Made in China" sign; unite the power of the manufacturers in the field of entertainment in Guangdong,and strengthen communication between the industry and government; improve their image of the state and society and legal rights ; promote the development of the industry in public relations domestic and foreign; advance the industry developing sustained and healthy


Business: invite and host entertainment industry professionals and foreign delegations to visit;organize entertainment industry delegation organizations study and visit abroad, and interact and cooperate with the other organizations and association in the industry;organize manufacturers in Guangdong assisting in holding exhibition, participating international exhibition and technology exchange meeting.Collect, collate, transfer and distribute information on the exhibition;Editing, publications , electronic publications and other publications; reflect industry views to the the relevant government departments;research issues related on industry and provide a reference to the enterprises; provide services about legal advice.Agent Guangdong enterprises patent applications and trademark registration services, and provide intellectual property advice; carry out technical work and manager the work assigned or authorized by the government。

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