China Association of Recording engineers

      China Association of Recording engineers is a social organization in the industry for people work in national radio, film, television,and recording, audio and video. It is founded in 1990, and has an independent legal entity. The purpose of the association is to unite audio workers in the country to carry out academic exchanges and training , so that they can contribute themselves to improve their quality and the audio technology gradually。

      The main task: organize international and domestic exchange about audio technology and arts;organize people research advanced recording and audio technology, support and encourage the invention and innovation of audio technology;organize audio quality rating,reward outstanding audio results, provide audio consulting services to all related units;organize professional training activities to improve the professional knowledge of members。

China association of Stage Art

      China association of Stage Art was established in Beijing in early January 1981,it was called the international stage arts organizations (IOSTAT) China Center eternal. It is a national academic association approved and registered by the central Ministry of Civil Affairs(No. 4258), and charged by central Ministry of Culture. In these 25 years, it has become an academic center which united stage art workers national and an academic community concerned widely international。

      The association organize various academic activities, professional training ,and exhibitions each year.The election award of china association of stage art holding once a year to praise and introduce outstanding works and excellent stage art creators. The association took part in OISTAT approved by the Deputy Prime Minister Yao Yilin in 1984 and had an extensive communication. It Hosted an international stage art exhibition and works exhibition in 1994,including fourteen countries and regions to participate in。

China Audio Industry Association

     China Audio Industry Association was found in 1983, it was one of the national level industry association trans-regional, inter-departmental and cross-system, which found earliest in our county and has an independent legal entity(Society Number 5000293-4)。

  China Audio Industry Association accept guidance and supervision by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China. The member companies located in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The industrial products including DVD players, home theater, professional audio, tape recorders, video machines, MP3/MP4, amplifier, broadcast control equipment, speakers, car speakers, car multimedia navigation equipment and key component parts(movement, the optical head, heads, micro-motor, audio integrated circuit,etc.). The association Association covers nearly all well-known brands of famous companies in audio industry and has laid an authority basis for the industry on behalf of China。


Acousto-optical Technology Research Institute of University of Guangzhou

      Guangzhou University opened the unique major Audio-Visual Light Engineering in 1985(4-year undergraduate), it trained students direct to audio technology (electro-acoustic, built sound), video technology and lighting technology. For 25 years ,graduates all over the more than twenty provinces, cities and autonomous regions are working in the industry of TV system and audio-visual light . It made the major Audio-Visual Light Engineering in Guangzhou University have a great infect on the industry in the country, and the subjects were so strong in the talent, experience,facilities, etc. Relying on this, Acousto-optical Technology Research Institute of University of Guangzhou was found。

        Acousto-optical Technology Research Institute of University of Guangzhou, a comprehensive academic institution, which centralize audio technology (electro-acoustic, built sound), video technology, stage art lighting technology and control technology research, teach, and engineering practice together.Professional in electro-acoustic, video, lighting, built sound,weak intelligence control system engineering design, technical guidance, technical advice, testing and acceptance of engineering installation, design, development, evaluation, identification of audio-visual and lighting products; professional teaching, technical training and academic exchanges,etc。

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