Dear Members and Friends of Entertainment Equipment Industry:
Culture industry is an important carrier of flourishing socialist culture in market economy. Entertainment equipment industry is a key part of cultural industry. In recent years, it was developing forward healthily and vigorously. It is becoming an important engine for promoting the development of socialist culture and a new growth point of economic development.

With the fast development of culture construction of the state, China entertainment industry is all-time flourishing. Especially after holding the Olympic Games in Beijing, the World Expo in Shanghai and the Asian Games in Guangzhou, together with the release of 《Culture Industry Promotion Plan》 of the state, it provides a new development space for our entertainment equipment industry. Entertainment industry needs us and the world needs us.

Guangdong is the most important industrial base of entertainment equipment in China. Nearly 70% of enterprises in this field lie in Guangdong. How to exert the advantage of industrial group in Guangdong to bring and promote the development of the whole entertainment industry in China is fairly fetal. It is the wish of all colleagues of Industry Association of South China Entertainment Equipment to create an international first-class exhibiting platform, which belongs to all enterprises of the industry, in the largest industrial base in China.

March 3, 2013 is a great date worthy of congratulation by the whole industry. Just on this date, it was the most important step on the milestone of the development of entertainment equipment industry in Guangdong. “Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show 2013” (hereinafter referred to as GET Show) was solely held by Industry Association of South China Entertainment Equipment at Poly World Trade Expo Center, Pazhou, Guang Zhou. As a brand show in the production base of entertainment equipment industry in China, it gathered a lot of famous domestic and foreign enterprises in the field and included all famous domestic brands of entertainment equipment which had ever participated in Olympic Games, Asian Games, World Expo and other important games and activities. It can be said that this expo represents the highest level of review on entertainment equipment industry in China, displaying above a thousand of exhibits. Exhibiting area is nearly 40,000 square meters.
With the success of 2012 GET Show, entertainment equipment industry in Guangdong is more active. The official birth of brand expo in the industrial production base, which really belongs to all enterprises of the industry, is certainly a wonder of entertainment equipment industry in China.

From the intense preparation to the successful opening of the expo, it is just the first step of the Industrial Association. However, it is a big step for the development of the whole industry. Industrial Association solely holding the expo represents benefits of the vast of members, giving the right to them to be master of themselves. We are certainly to love and support it. It is the fortune of enterprises and even the fortune of the industry to optimize industrial structure of entertainment equipment expo in China and provide more excellent exhibiting platform for enterprise to select.

The success of 2012 GETShow is an inspiring event. Especially with the love and support from governmental leaders, industrial associations, industrial expertise and a vast of exhibitors, we have great confidence to build GET Show into an international first-class brand exhibition.

So we would like to call on all members of the Industrial Association and friends of entertainment industry herein for participation. Let us continue to get together to participate in Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show 2012 (2012 GET Show) and to use our actions to respond to the call of the Industrial Association. Let us devote ourselves to building entertainment equipment expo which has the most influence in China and struggle to build a brand expo of our own together.

Let us meet on Mar. 3, 2013 at Poly World Trade Expo Center, Pazhou, Guang Zhou!

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