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Thank-You Letter to the Guests of GETshow 2023

2023-05-11 21:47 管理员 hits discuss

Thank-You Letter to the Guests of GETshow 2023

To all the Guests and Friends 

who participated in GETshow 2023:

Thank you for coming from all over the world to participate in this annual event of the performing arts equipment industry!

It is a great honor to provide such an authoritative platform for professional buyers all over the world to facilitate direct and efficient communication, cooperation and transactions.

At the same time, we are very pleased that although many international visitors were unable to visit GETshow 2023 as scheduled due to the recent unblocking and visa reasons, there are still thousands of international guests came to visit, communicate and place orders beyond expectations, and even international guests who cannot participate in the 2023 GETshow for some reason are already booking the 2024 GETshow.

We are very confident that GETshow 2024 will attract many more international guests and buyers with more adequate preparations and full recovery of market vitality!

Here is also an official release of the good news: we will resume the Salon Dinner event at the same time as the 2024 GETshow exhibition, so stay tuned!

Thanks again to the global audience for your enthusiastic participation and support! See you in 2024!

Organizing Committee of GETshow

May 11 2023

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