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GET show 2018 Chengdu Welcome Dinner

2018-12-28 17:42 管理员 hits discuss

The Opening Welcome Dinner of GETshow Chengdu 2018 was held in Chengdu Qinhuang Holiday Hotel on September 14. 

The atmosphere was warm and people were enthusiastic. Nearly 500 people gathered, including Chairman Zhu Xincun of China Performance Equipment Technology Association, chairman Wang Li Rong of China Performance Equipment and Several Communication Technology Association, and Chinese Dance, from a large number of industry cafes, business associations, talent elites, expert teachers, well-known musical instruments, lighting, audio, entertainment equipment entrepreneurs and media friends. Han Hongzhi, Director of Audio Professional Committee of Taiwanese Academy of Fine Arts, Zhong Houqiong, Vice-Chairman of Audio and Video Engineering Branch of China Acoustic Society, Sui Chunli Chairman of Audio and Video Engineering Professional Committee of China Acoustic Association, Hao Tao, Vice-Chairman of China Private Performance Alliance, Secretary-General Zhu Yizhang of China Tourism and Performing Arts Alliance, Song Duoduo, a well-known Chinese audio expert President Li Yimei of Sichuan Stage Art Society, President Liu Guotian of Chongqing Stage Art Society, President Zhou Xiaobo of Chongqing Stage Art Society, President Liu Guotian of Sound and Light Television Industry Alliance Chongqing Branch, President Zhao Yaoming of the Second Branch of Performance Engineering Specialty, President Chuan Mang Jia Zhiliang of Sound and Light Television Industry Alliance, President Pang Yuanning of Sichuan Stadium and Gymnasium Association, President IV Chairman Zhang Jianhua of Sichuan Cultural Industry Chamber of Commerce, Chairman Zhao Chunfu of Yunnan Stage Art Society, Chairman Zhang Zhongan of Guangxi Stage Art Society, Chairman Liang Xiqing of Guangdong Stage Art Society, Chairman Peng Miaoyan of Guangdong Acoustic and Video Lighting Technology Promotion Association, Honorary Chairman Chen Yangping of Xiamen Audio and Video Association, Chairman Zheng Qinghua of Hebei Stage Art Society, and Ma Xin of Guangdong Provincial Cultural Department Director of Civil Affairs Department, Director of Wenguang New Bureau of Chengdu City, Director of Chengdu Music Film and Television Industry Promotion Office, Shijiang, Deputy Director of Chengdu Music Film and Television Industry Promotion Office, Li Tianhao, Director Zhou Jianguo of Jiuzhaigou County Civil Affairs Bureau, Director Zema Dogi of Aba People's Government's Liaison Office abroad, and other important guests take exhibition as media, gather industry friendship and seek industry development together!

At 18:30, a combination of sound, light and electricity lights magnificently opened the curtain of the dinner, so that the guests on the scene personally feel the shock of the audio-visual event brought by the performing equipment.

Wang Ruixiang, President of Guangdong Performing Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce, delivered an enthusiastic speech. First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your busy participation in this industry event. In particular, I would like to thank government leaders, experts and colleagues for their support to the Chamber of Commerce and GETshow. This is the second Chengdu exhibition held by the Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu. We will summarize the shortcomings, continue to improve our services and strive to build a broader Exhibition Resource Platform, I wish you fellow entrepreneurs a full harvest in this exhibition, look forward to working with you in the future, conspire to flourish the industry.


Zhu Xincun, chairman of China Performing Arts Equipment Technical Association, said that the development potential of the western region is huge and the resources of the western market are abundant. He hoped that Sichuan and Guangdong would have more communication and exchanges and create more cooperation modes. At the same time, he wished the 2018 GETshow Chengdu exhibition better and better.

Director Shi Jiang of Chengdu Wenguang New Bureau encourages enterprises to grasp the pulse of the times and actively embrace the ever-changing market in light of the current development of the western market and industry.

All along, the entrepreneurs of the Guangdong Performing Arts Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce have actively fulfilled their social responsibilities and paid attention to the public welfare. After the magnitude 7 earthquake in Jiuzhaigou in 2017, the entrepreneurs of the Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically launched their first donation of love, raising nearly 240,000 donations in just 24 hours, together with the donations of the Chamber of Commerce, a total of 500,000 donations. On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, Liang Zhiyuan, Executive Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, donated to the Jiuzhaigou County Charity Society on the occasion of the opening dinner of GETshow in 2018, hoping to gather the industry's goodwill to help protect and inherit the non-heritage culture of Jiuzhaigou.

Chengdu has prepared a number of cultural performances on the spot, combining sound, light, electricity and technology, combining culture and art with science and technology, so that the audience can enjoy their eyes and clap hands.

Happy time always flies fast. The banquet comes to an end with a happy song. Thank you very much for participating in Chengdu International Music (Performing Arts) Facilities and Equipment Expo 2018. I wish you all a full and fruitful harvest in this exhibition.

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