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GETshow Chengdu 2018 opened today

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The autumn of Rongcheng is playing, the capital of resonant music. On September 14, under the joint guidance of Sichuan Cultural Department, Chengdu Cultural Radio and Television Press and Publishing Bureau, Chengdu Music Film and Television Industry Promotion Office and Chengdu Expo Bureau, Guangdong Performing Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce sponsored, Chengdu Music Industry Promotion Association co-sponsored, Guangzhou High-efficiency Exhibition Co., Ltd.'s "2018 Chengdu International Music (Performing Arts) Facilities and Equipment Exposition opens grandly in Chengdu West China International Expo City. Nearly 500 leaders of Sichuan and Chengdu municipalities, industry cafes, entrepreneurs and media friends gathered together to celebrate the industry event.

       It is reported that nearly 400 well-known brands from home and abroad, such as famous musical instruments, music education, professional lighting and audio, stage equipment and related enterprises of peripheral products, participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 30,000 square meters (including 1 Lighting Hall, 1 Sound Hall and 1 Music Instrument Hall, Chengdu Music Industry Zone, Sichuan Dangmei Zone, Outdoor Line Tour Zone, Music Festival Experience). Stage. The scene will focus on high-end lighting, audio facilities and equipment, music project docking, special effect stage experience, Music Instrument Exhibition and dance works exhibition in the field of music (performing arts) at home and abroad.

At 9:30 a.m., the crowd surged in Xibo City and guests gathered. A shocking lighting show opened the curtain of "Chengdu International Music (Performing Arts) Facilities and Equipment Expo 2018 and Chengdu Music Industry Investment Promotion Conference". The guests attending the opening ceremony were Zhu Xincun, Chairman of China Performing Equipment Technology Association, Wang Li Rong, Chairman of China Performing Equipment and Digital Communication Technology Association, Wang Yong, Vice Director of Sichuan Cultural Department, Li Tianhao, Vice Director of Chengdu Music, Film and Television Industry Promotion Office, Wang Ruixiang, Chairman of Guangdong Performing Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce, and Liang Xiqing, Chairman of Guangdong Stage Art Research Association. Mr. Peng Miaoyan, President of Guangdong Acoustic and Video Lighting Technology Promotion Association, Mr. Liu Guotian, President of Chongqing Stage Art Association, Mr. Wang Zhengzhong, President of Intelligent Engineering Branch of Chongqing Construction Industry Association, Mr. Zhao Chunfu, President of Yunnan Stage Art Society, Mr. Zhang Zhongan, President of Guangxi Stage Art Association, Mr. Chen Yangping, Honorary President of Xiamen Audio and Video Association, and Dance of Hebei Province Mr. Zheng Qinghua, Chairman of Taiwanese Art Association, Secretary-General of Shaanxi Stage Art Society, Mr. Xie Zhong, Head of Xinjiang Visiting and Exhibition Group, Mr. Zhao Yaoming, Chairman of the Second Branch of Chinese Performing Arts Engineering, Mr. Jia Zhiliang, Chairman of China Acoustic and Optical Television Industry Alliance, Mr. Lac Xing, Chairman of China Acoustic and Optical Television Industry Alliance, Mr. Chongqing Branch, and Mr. Zhong, Acoustic and Frequency Vice-Chairman of Houqiong, Vice-Chairman of Hao Tao, China Private Performing Alliance of the Music Industry Alliance of the Chinese Cultural Promotion Association, and Secretary-General of the China Tourism and Performing Arts Alliance, Zhu Yizhang.


       It is worth mentioning that, as the most professional industry exhibition in Western China, this year also attracted the second branch of Chinese performing arts engineering, China Acoustic and Optical Television Industry Alliance, Chuan Mang, China Acoustic and Optical Television Industry Alliance, Chongqing Branch, Sichuan Stage Art Society, Chongqing Stage Art Society, Chongqing Performance Equipment Industry Association, Yunnan Stage Art Society and Shaanxi Stage Art Association. Specialized groups such as the Academy of Arts, the Guangxi Stage Art Society, the Guangdong Stage Art Research Association and the Guangdong Audio-Visual Lighting Technology Promotion Association came to the exhibition to exchange views, effectively promote the integration of industry resources, and develop rapidly and healthily.

       President Wang Ruixiang of the Guangdong Performing Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers. Thank you very much for the strong support of the provincial and municipal government agencies, cooperative support units, industry associations and the media. This is the second time that the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce has held a professional exposition in Chengdu. It is hoped that music will be used as a medium and exhibition as a platform to integrate the advantages of Sichuan and Guangdong, further stimulate the development potential of the performing equipment industry, and further promote the rapid development of the western music, Performing Arts and cultural tourism industry. At the same time, I hope entrepreneurs and musicians in Sichuan and Guangdong can strengthen exchanges, practice more diversified cooperation modes, and conspire to flourish the cultural industry.

Zhu Xincun, chairman of China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association, delivered a warm speech. He first congratulated the grand opening of the 2018 Chengdu International Music (Performing Arts) Facilities Fair and the Chengdu Music Industry Investment Promotion Fair. He believed that the western part of China has unique cultural tourism resources. As an important supporting force of the cultural industry, performing arts equipment "music + performing arts" and "travel". Tourism + Performing Arts"will become a breakthrough point in the development of industrial integration. We hope that the Expo will be the platform to promote the integration of performing arts equipment and music tourism culture, stimulate new market vitality, and promote the development of cultural industry into the fast lane.

Li Tianhao, deputy director of Chengdu Music, Film and Television Industry Promotion Office, also delivered a speech of promotion. On behalf of the Chengdu Municipal Government, he warmly welcomed the leaders and guests who are here today. Li Tianhao pointed out that in 2017, the total revenue of the music industry in our city reached 32.695 billion yuan, an increase of 18.4% over 2016. From January to July 2018, the output value of the music industry in our city maintained a good growth, reaching 22.703 billion yuan, an increase of 21% over the same period of last year; by the end of the year, the total scale of the music industry will reach 39.4 billion yuan, an increase of 20% over 2017. The Chengdu International Music Season of "Rongcheng Autumn" in 2018 will be opened on September 22. More than 200 musical theme performances and nearly 100 outdoor music activities will be held. Chengdu Performing Arts Center, Yunduan Tianfu Concert Hall and other venues hold nearly 100 business performances every month; Chengdu City Concert Hall and Chengdu Open-air Music Plaza, which invest nearly 2 billion yuan, are expected to be completed and put into operation within the year. A total of 142 groups (244 people) of "street artists" have been recruited for street art performances in Chengdu. The number of street performances will be 60. The performers will perform 749 performances and 1479 hours, attracting more than 300,000 audience. Music, as one of the most unique cultural imprints of Chengdu, is also the most vivid interpretation of the city's root and soul. With the development of the music industry to promote the construction of the "International Music Capital" and promote the city's cultural strength, Chengdu has a clear goal and a firm determination. By 2025, Chengdu will have a high-end and prominent modern music industry system, leading the country in the production of original music, distribution of musical instruments and musical facilities, copyright trading and performance gathering, with an annual output value expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.

At the same time, the "Chengdu Music Industry Investment Promotion Conference" was held on the spot, focusing on the promotion of a number of key projects in the music industry, to build a project negotiation and cooperation platform for all parties. The Southwest Headquarters of Fenghuangshan Miniflute Music in Jinniu District, Weiran Huahai Music Complex Project, Phase II of Fanmu Creative Art Zone (Fanmu International Art Center), the City of Love and Music-MCN Center of Chengdu National Music Industry Base, the copyright trading center project under the Chengdu Hi-turn house line, Tiancheng Orange Performing Arts Center Project, Dujiangyan Drama Cultural Creative Industry Park Project of "Drama and Water Changliu", and Dujiangyan Voice Eleven music industry projects, such as Leguangying Town Project, Pingle "M50" Storehouse Creation Space and Shizhuang Village Music Commune, have been signed, with a total investment of 11.125 billion yuan.

       After the opening ceremony was officially launched, President Wang Ruixiang of the Guangdong Performing Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce led the relevant leaders and guests to visit the Expo. Everyone was very interested in visiting and experiencing musical instruments, lighting, audio and peripheral equipment products, understanding the new technology and application of current performing equipment, and experiencing the new creative mode of deep integration of technology and art.

 Collection of high-quality performing equipment resources at home and abroad 

 Pick up the Great Opportunities of Western Market 

As one of the most noticeable professional exhibitions in the industry, the Chengdu Exhibition attracted more than 400 famous domestic brands of music education, musical instruments, professional lighting, audio and related peripheral brands. The total area of the exhibition reached 30,000_. The exhibition opened professional acoustics hall, lighting hall, musical instrument hall and outdoor linear array tour exhibition area, displaying various kinds of "high", "fine" and "cutting edge" performances. Facilities and equipment, cultural tourism project solutions and a wide range of musical instruments, the three-day exhibition is expected to receive more than 50,000 live audiences.

       Here, you can enjoy close contact with the industry's top enterprises, understand the industry's most cutting-edge products, technology and trends.

 First introduction of outdoor tour exhibition area 

 Outdoor Music Festival Stage Flow 

      This year's exhibition innovatively introduces a large-scale "outdoor linear array tour exhibition area". Fifteen well-known audio brands from home and abroad will fully integrate with the open square, with professional tuning technology and high-quality audio products, to continuously show the charm of sound for the audience on the spot! uuuuuuuu The line-up is luxurious, the experience is surging, and the acoustical experience on the spot is no less than the professional concert!

      It's exciting to see the exhibition this year and also to catch up with an outdoor music festival. The organizers innovatively introduced the "Music Festival" mode into the Expo, creating a fashionable "Western Music Stage" with three days of exciting programs! Sound wave, crowd, cool performance, professional band, new generation group, Chengdu characteristic performance... Wait for you to sing and shout!

 Exhibitions and exciting activities are uninterrupted 

 Simultaneous Activities with Full Dry Goods Presentation 

       This exhibition carefully prepared for you nearly 30 dry goods full of the same period of activities, invite industry authorities around the cafe, well-known experts and professors to visit the scene, on-site with you to analyze the future development trend of the industry, share the industry's most cutting-edge professional information!

      On the first day of the exhibition, the following lectures were presented: Audio Design Sharing Meeting of the 2018 Indonesian Games Venues, Design and Development of Audio Reinforcement System of the 2018 Stadiums and Gymnasiums, Quality Control Technology of Performing Arts Engineering, Innovation and Practice of Literary Creation Lighting, Phase III of Dragon Gate Array of Performing Arts, and Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of AOIP Network Audio and Practical Application. In the forum, entrepreneurs, agents, engineers, music enthusiasts, etc. in the industry are drinking sweet bait, and the wonderful ideas are frequently applauded and resonated with each other! 

      In order to better promote industry exchanges and interaction, the three-day simultaneous activities will be held in turn, with summit forums, technical lectures and new product launches... There will always be one that suits your heart! Come and choose a listen!

       This year's GETshow Chengdu Exhibition will last until September 16. Welcome to the West China International Expo City to watch the most professional industry exhibition in the West. I wish you all a happy return!

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 Exhibitor List 

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