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In 2019, GETshow Guangzhou is close to the end of its investment promotion work! Looking forward to meeting you in Yangcheng in May!

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See you in Yangcheng

In 2019, Guangzhou (International) Performing Equipment, Intelligent Acoustic and Optical Products Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "GETshowGuangzhou Exhibition 2019") 8 pavilions have successfully completed the investment! Business invitation has come to an end, if you have not yet participated in the exhibition, please seize the opportunity! There are still a few booths in Pavilion 9 on the negative first floor. The number is limited. First come, first served! 

The exhibition area of GETshow Guangzhou in 2019 has reached a new high! A new exhibition area with a total exhibition area of 100,000 square meters will attract nearly 1,000 well-known brand enterprises from around the world to participate in the exhibition. This exhibition is planned to set up 6 professional lighting halls, 3 professional audio halls, large-scale outdoor linear tour exhibition area, and large-scale outdoor activities tour square, which will show you wonderful lighting audio-visual show.

This GETshow will continue to adhere to the concept of "professional silent exhibition", build a quiet and good business communication environment for exhibitors, purchasers and exhibitors, build a complete information exchange platform for the industrial chain, consolidate business cooperation, and create the most influential professional exhibitions in the industry.

Exhibition highlights

Asia's Most Influential Professional Lighting Audio Show

China's First Professional Silent Exhibition

China Performance Equipment Industry Base Exhibition

Nearly 1000 well-known brand exhibitors at home and abroad have entered the exhibition market strongly

The industry's dazzling new products shocked the market

All-weather Outdoor Linear Array Tour Zero Distance Enjoy Audio Feast


DJ performances, stage performances, audio cards, public broadcasting, conference system, stage lighting, LED, laser equipment, microphone, power amplifier, stage peripheral equipment, intelligent lighting control system, etc.

Say the important thing again!
If you have not yet participated in the exhibition, please seize the last chance!
There are still a few booths in Pavilion 9 on the negative first floor
Show space is limited, first come, first served!
Please Contact:Zhou Ling  131 6086 1436

Please pay attention to GETshow official Wechat Public Number

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