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AWARENESS”- Cshow, The Latest Chinese Trend Aesthetic Light Show!


The annual show - Cshow - is coming!

As one of the most popular concurrent events of GETshow, Cshow makes a strong comeback.

Following the theme of “CHANGE” in 2023, Cshow will "awake" with everyone in 2024.


Changes brought about by time are inevitable

You and I need a deeper AWARENESS

Keep up with the times and reject old-fashion

Cshow is a show that does not easily define the concept of the work

What can you enjoy in 15 minutes?

Immersive Exploration

The Art of Math

Space Installation

Chinese Trend Aesthetics


Welcome to the world of Cshow from March 3-6, 2024, explore, perceive, and AWARENESS!

Breaking through the limitations of space and time, intertwining light and darkness, you can feel the vitality and passion of life in this original feast of sound and light!


Display Time: During March 3 - 6

Display Location: 17.2D7 in Hall 17.2, Area D, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou-China

The theme of Cshow in 2024 is “AWARENESS". Through multi-dimensional display methods such as sound, light, and electricity, we will create an original show performance for your immersive experience that combines Chinese trend aesthetics and conveys the musical digital artistic vision, allowing the audience to enjoy an immersive visual feast and experience the splendid Chinese culture.


The meaning of “AWARENESS”

Regarding the theme of Cshow in 2024, the designer says so-

The theme "AWARENESS" is a further iteration and development of the theme "Change". It reminds us to look beyond superficial change to find inner meaning and purpose.

Through awakening, we gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us, allowing us to more consciously guide and shape the direction of change.

 “AWARENESS” is not only about tradition, but also about cultural confidence.

We hope to express a positive spiritual power. Let the art of light resonate with your innermost dreams and desires, and awaken people's attention and thinking about life, society and themselves.


Through the theme of "AWARENESS” of Cshow, this Cshow hopes to arouse the emotional resonance deep in everyone's heart. Whether it is the love for culture or the pursuit of life power, it hopes to be conveyed to the audience through the form of light art.


We are excited to light up this professional space design experience show with you. Let us welcome the arrival of spring and experience the beautiful moment when everything comes back to life. For more exciting news, please stay tuned!

Looking forward to seeing you at 2024 GETshow from March 3rd to 6th! Let’ s “awake” together!


This Cshow is designed by the Inspire N Germinate team.