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Coming! The annual industry event - GETshow shines! See you on May 8-11!

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Coming! The annual industry event - GETshow shines! See you on May 8-11!

Invitation for 2023 GETshow

May 8--11! 

May 8--11! 

May 8--11! 

Annual industry event!

The 2023 GETshow is coming! GETshow joins hands with nearly a thousand exhibitors of world-renowned brands

Show cutting-edge new products to global audiences in all directions and from multiple angles! New information! New application!

Well-known experts and professors from all over the country gathered to carry out dozens of lectures on a series of themed activities!

In 2023 GETshow, art and technology collide and merge with each other, presenting one after another with a strong sense of experience for everyone!

The visual and auditory effects are shocking! A rich and exciting industry feast!

What are you waiting for?

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If you miss it, you have to wait a year!


  1. Overview of 2023GETshow

1. Date: May 8--11, 2023

2. Venue: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo)

The exhibition area of GETshow 2023 exceeds 80,000 square meters, attracting nearly a thousand well-known brands from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. GETshow 2023 focuses on displaying the entire line of products of the global performing arts equipment industry chain, focusing on new technologies, new products, and new applications of professional lighting, professional audio, and stage peripheral equipment, and displaying new inventions, new ideas, and new technologies at the forefront of the current international performing arts equipment industry.


GETshow 2023 will further strengthen cooperation with cultural industry-related business associations and experts, and jointly carry out themed activities on the integration of art and technology, such as: the first "GETshow Cup" Youth Stage Lighting Designer Competition, and The first session of Young Stage Designer Nomination Exhibition in Guangdong Province, bar entertainment theme show Cshow, nearly a hundred light shows, etc., presenting a technological, artistic and interactive exhibition to professional audiences at home and abroad.

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With the strong support of a group of big names in the industry, such as experts and teachers, professional buyer groups, and media forces, dozens of meaningful summit forums, technical lectures, training meetings, etc. will be held during the exhibition period, so that everyone can communicate and interact closely on the spot, share cutting-edge new information in the industry, and discuss new directions and new trends in the future development of the industry.


We sincerely invite you to come to GETshow 2023, visit the global performing arts equipment industry base, witness the upgrading and change of high technology in the industry, and appreciate the craftsman spirit and innovative products of excellent enterprises!

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